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About Us

PRIDE is a brand new show written by JT Butler and Commodore Primous III that follows the story of a Black American family set loosely in the 21st century.

Throughout the story, we see how a modern family processes their experiences with racism.For Mrs. and Mr. King, raising a black family in a predominantly white area brings unique challenges, which they must learn to navigate with grace. For Lonnie, his first experiences with classroom teasing and bullying help him to understand the existence of racism. For Jasmine, having a white boyfriend means she feels more torn than her siblings, wanting to see the good in people. And for Leroy, an encounter with a trigger-heavy cop influences his activism, causing him to speak up about civil rights. Though individually, each may feel differently about their identity, it's their bond as a family that gets them through to the next day.




Book, Lyrics, and Music By:

J.T. Butler

Commodore Primous III

Assistant Director:

To Be Announced

Scenic Designer:

Kaitlyn Peterson

Audio Designer:

Brandon Smith


J.T. Butler


Imani Quiñones

Lighting Designer:

Marcella Barbeau

Costumes Designer:

To Be Announced


To Be Announced

Music Director:

Matthew Welsh

Projections Designer:

Nicholas Cimienti

Hair And Make-Up Designer:

To Be Announced

Production Manager:

Jaime Mancuso

Technical Supervision:

To Be Announced

Production Stage Manager:

To Be Announced

General Manager:

Matthew Peddie

Associate General Manager:

Alexandria McMath

Marketing Manager:

To Be Announced

Marketing Handeled By:

To Be Announced

Assistant Stage Manager:

To Be Announced

Assistant Stage Manager:

To Be Announced

Executive Producer(s):

Butler Production

Pinky Provisions


Black Art Speaks

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