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Gunshots and Bulletholes
Song #13
Fire With Fire
Song #7
Enough –> Bang Shoot
Song #5A, #5B. #5C
Song #5A, #5B. #5C

Synopsis of Pride

PRIDE is a two-act musical set in Atlanta, Georgia in the present day.  It follows a Black family consisting of two parents (Mr. and Mrs. King) and their three children.  Leroy is a college student living at home, Jasmine is in high-school, and the youngest, Lonnie, is just beginning middle school.  As the play progresses, they hear news of a police shooting in Chicago, leading to the subsequent death of Tyrell Smith.  During dinner, the family sees this on the television, causing them to be divided in their opinions on the issue.  Leroy passionately speaks against the cop responsible, while Jasmine, who’s secretly been dating a white guy named Trey, argues that judging everyone on the actions of a few would be hypocritical.  Lonnie, confused, gets upset by the situation entirely, causing their parents to have to fight to maintain unity in the family.
Later, when Leroy’s best friend Dante becomes a victim of a fatal shooting himself, the issue is suddenly thrust right into their lives.  Throughout the show, we see how the family members process their grief and attempt to move forward from this tragedy.  Leroy has the most difficulty with this, because he and Dante were walking home from a party with Dante when he was shot.  He’s plagued by nightmares, which are only soothed by the love and care of his family.  In Chicago, the officers are acquitted for the shooting of Tyrell, leading to more community outrage.  Leroy begins to actively speak out against cops shooting Black people, and lead protests that he attends with his girlfriend, Ebony.  Thanks to Leroy’s influence, Dante’s mother is able to receive justice, allowing the community to feel as though their voices were heard.  Eventually, Leroy is able to heal, the family ultimately accepts the fact that Jasmine is dating Trey, and Lonnie begins to understand the hard truths of a Black man’s reality.  Although the fight is far from over, the trials and tribulations the family endures strengthens their bonds, as they continue their search for “Greater”.
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